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Education a driving force to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the populations

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The development of human capital and skills is the cornerstone of emergence. Quality education therefore becomes a priority for all nations. With a view to actively participating in building a prosperous Africa, Synapse places particular emphasis on training a new type of leader.

Synapse implements an innovative educational process, combining theory with practice to create sustainable social enterprises capable of facing the exhilarating challenges of the continent. Aware of the great potential of African youth, Synapse implements various training programs in partnership with institutions in the education system, thus combining theory with practice while providing concrete solutions to the social problems of the continent.

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Youth Map Casamance

To tackle the challenge of training and professional integration of young people who have not attended school or who have dropped out of school in Casamance, the International Youth Foundation

This involved building the life skills of young people and supporting them in the development and implementation of community service projects to help them practice the skills learned during the program, demonstrate to communities that young people are capable of carrying out initiatives that are beneficial to them while contributing to solving a local problem or improving their living conditions.

Quality Priority Education 

To tackle the challenge of integrating young people in and out of school in Senegal, USAID launched the “Education Priority Quality” (EPQ) project in 2010 with the main objective of improving the quality of education. .

Through its component 4 (Youth development opportunities), the program sought, in partnership with Research Triangle Institute and the International Youth Foundation (IYF), to prepare young people to integrate harmoniously into the social fabric. -national economy by installing the basic, behavioral and technical skills necessary for this purpose.


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“It's a very interesting training that has given us more tools in the use of the technological tool.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in this training, which I truly appreciate.” 



“It's the first time that I have participated in an online synchronous training but I really liked the way the facilitators carried out the activities. I warmly thank Synapse and the entire training team who gave us quality training.”


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